Read Vergil's Aeneid with ease.

Learn in Latin about the travels of Aeneas after the fall of Troy as he founds the beginnings of Rome.

Aeneas, the son of Venus, is the leader of the Trojans after the fall of Troy. He is fated to found the Roman race, but doesn't quite know how. When he makes it to Italy, he must use his skill in battle to establish his people.

Dido has escaped her own troubles and just founded the city of Carthage in North Africa. She is a powerful woman and a skilled leader who doesn't need a companion for her rule. But then Aeneas arrives and Dido becomes the pawn of Juno and Venus.

A prince of the Rutulians, Turnus leads the Italian resistance to the Trojans. He is the best warrior on the field, with the exception of Aeneas, and the epic confrontation between these two brings the Aeneid to a dramatic close.

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